To Make Riders Faster

the inside story of Cervélo

The inspirational story of two entrepreneurs who took their company, Cervélo Cycles, from a school basement project in Montreal, Canada, to their bikes winning in the Tour de France, the Olympics and Ironman. They built the most sought-after cycling brand in less than a decade.

The book begins with Vroomen and White meeting at McGill University in 1995 and takes you on a wild ride of success and setback. The book shares personal stories, cycling stories, business stories and engineering stories.

TO MAKE RIDERS FASTER is a 256-page hardcover book with the story woven through words, pictures and quotes - a unique combination coffee-table book and business biography that reflects the Cervélo brand.

A percentage of net proceeds support CAN Fund, a charity supporting Canadian athletes.

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“The BEST BOOK I've read this year! I LOVE this book. Having “been there / done that” - it speaks of truth like few books do. It's the honest and authentic story of how LEAP innovations really happen. It should be required reading by every business and engineering student. No correct that - it should be read by every adult who dreams of doing something meaningful.”

– Doug Hall, one of America's top innovation experts according to Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal; Best Selling Author of Jump Start Your Business Brain - one of the top 100 Business Books of all time; Founder & Chairman of Eureka! Ranch; Co-Host of ABC TV’s American Inventor & W Network Backyard Inventor

To Make Riders Faster captivated me like a suspense novel all while delivering the incredible documentary outlining the evolution of Cervélo from infancy to one of the world’s best bikes. As consumers we see their world class bikes but now, we can see and feel the grit and sacrifice behind the brand. This book shows that Gerard and Phil had the endurance and fortitude of a World Champion athlete which must be why Cervélo is the choice of World Champions!

– Lisa Bentley, Author, An Unlikely Champion; 11X IRONMAN Champion; Triathlon Canada Hall of Fame

"An absolutely brilliant read. I'm reading the book again and I have to say that it is an absolutely incredible story. I usually read adventure stories, like climbing Everest. This book falls in that camp for me. I think the same would be true for a lot of people"

– Miles Keller, President, Dystil

“The book is an absolute great read. The best thing Phil and Gerard innovated was not only the bicycles but the culture they instilled in us. The book nails it. I will be telling all my family and friends to pick up a copy for themselves as I think it is that good.”

– Ted Orfan, former Engineering Manager, Cervélo Cycles.

“I have been in the bike business and sport for 35 years, yet I was riveted reading the insider accounts of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that Phil White and Gerard Vroomen endured”.

– Howard Chang, co-founder - Les Domestiques Cycling Club

“It’s quite rare to find proper concepts with proper explanations that are also interesting and the book nails it. I’m a tech head so the story is just great as it identifies the real world of engineering exactly. I also like the photographs and the book’s interior design – what an amazing book!”

– Joe Atikian, author, photographer, engineer and cyclist.


Chris Cooper, host of the Business Elevation Show, interviews Phil White, Cervelo co-founder, and Anna Dopico.

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To Make Riders Faster  - Vroomen White story - Cervélo history book

An inspirational two entrepreneurs, Gerard Vroomen and Phil White, who took their company, Cervélo Cycles, from a school basement project in Montreal, Canada, to their bikes winning in the Tour de France, the Olympics and Ironman.  TO MAKE RIDERS FASTER is a 256-page hardcover book with the story woven through the words, pictures and quotes.

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About the Author

Anna Dopico never imaged herself as a writer but felt compelled to write Phil and Gerard’s story to inspire as well as to share some lessons learned. Anna had an insider’s view of their story from when Phil and Gerard met to when they sold their company. Anna was not only Phil’s spouse but a business person with financing experience when Phil and Gerard started their company. She provided Cervélo a home in the early years, became a business advisor and in the later years, worked for the company. She spent three years writing the Cervélo story and interviewed employees, partners, suppliers, customers and athletes for their insights and perspectives. The title of the book is the mission of the company.