To Make Riders Faster

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“To Make Riders Faster” by Anna Dopico is the journey of two entrepreneurs, Gerard Vroomen and Phil White, as they take what started out as a school project and developed it into a successful, innovative business. Their vision, hard work and determination led their company, Cervélo, to the top of the cycling world as one of the most respected brands in the industry.

The author, Anna Dopico, is married to one of the founders, Phil White, and provides the unique perspective that only an insider can relate. Involved in the company on some level from the very the beginning, Dopico’s commercial banking and project management background also brought a level of expertise to Cervélo during much of its growing pains, and the ultimate sale of the company. She uses personal stories and interviews, diagrams, and even some notes handwritten by the partners to tell the story and it is one amazing story.

Combination biography and business book, “To Make Riders Faster” will appeal to a variety of audiences. A constant thought that ran through my mind as I was reading was that the story would make a fascinating television documentary. It’s an impressive narrative on so many levels, from the ups and downs of starting and growing a business, working with different personalities, and doing whatever it takes to achieve the vision of the company, all the while adhering to and maintaining strong work ethics and values.

Most amazing to me was the relationship between Vroomen and White. As with any partnership, there are bound to be differences of opinion, but the mutual respect they held for each other ensured they never lost sight of their goal ‘to make riders faster’. Dopico captures the very essence of their relationship, articulating with vivid detail the brainstorming sessions and debates that transpired between the two and one can only imagine the intensity and determination felt by each partner as they considered every angle of an issue.

I particularly enjoyed reading about the risks Vroomen and White took to achieve their vision. Going against accepted industry standards, they knew what it took to make their bikes faster and revolutionized the entire industry with their ingenuity. It’s admirable that they never backed down from their beliefs.

Quality, distinction and first-class all the way, the book itself is stunning, and mirrors the overall reputation of the company as a whole. A sturdy hardbound book using solid, resilient paper stock, and full of beautiful color photos throughout, “To Make Riders Faster” by Anna Dopico is the perfect book to put on display, whether on a coffee table or prominently placed on a bookshelf. It would also make the perfect gift for cycling enthusiasts.


Review by Reader Views


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